THE WHITE DRAGONWe all know fantasy, especially YA fantasy has practically taken over the market, well at least made a huge dent. I was thinking about some stats regarding writers, unpublished and published. There are approximately four (4) million writers in America alone. Pretty earth shattering when you are trying to stand out from the pack. That said, another quote that I heard was,”Everything has already been written, you just have to find a way to make it new.” The “new” market is flooded with blood sucking pretty things and angels capable of the most amazing things. Immortality is appealing! Our fascination with the above is anything but new. Vlad the Impaler started it a long time ago. I actually visited his castle, unnerving. I have heard time and again that dragons, trolls, elves, faeries and the like are out. They don’t have the appeal they once did. As a storyteller of that genre, I say, “It isn’t so.”  Many readers will agree that dragons are alive and well. Think about Christopher Paolini’s INHERITANCE series, Brandon Mull’s SECRETS of the DRAGON SANCTUARY, and George R.R. Martin’s A DANCE of DRAGONS. So I say, “Love what you like.” Remember whenever we allow our imaginations to become extravagant and unrestrained, we are creating fantasy, a place where we can all find a realm to love.


Welcome! I am a storyteller, that is what I do. And from what my mother told me, I was trying to perfect it at a very early age. I am still honing my craft. I hope that fantasy readers of all ages, and authors will share their personal insight on the world of fantasy here. It seems fantasy is one genre that starts in early childhood and continues throughout our lives. I want to explore that journey with you. This is my first post and I will make it brief. Should you find your way here, I need to ask you…What is it that stirs you when you dive into a book? Are you in love with magical and mythical creatures? Does Epic fantasy take you to worlds that you wish you could partake? And paranormal, what is the fascination with people and creatures that steal our lives?

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