WIP…My Journey

I have always written in some form or another. Two years ago THE LOST CHILDREN of MANAGRAIL erupted in my gray matter. Most writers start with their story. I start with a title. Since I am a very visual person, I tend to see things like a movie in my brain; having been a singer/songwriter for many years, I also hear the dialogue. This is how I work. I don’t know if  it is right or wrong, or how anyone else goes about it , but that is my way.

I had recently moved and everything I owned was in a “professional” moving and storage company…everything. Not long after my move, to make a long story short (sorry for the cliché), I discovered the company went belly up and I lost all my possessions. What is the point of this you may ask? Well, I no longer had a computer etc. I totaled my car after sliding down an icy hill and lived way out in the country. But I had to write. I started LCM by hand and continued with the rewrites the very same way. I took a small country bus for one and a half hours to get to the library. Once there I drove the poor staff crazy rushing  to get as much in as possible. You only get one hour on the computer. Then, I once again boarded the bus for another 1-2 hour ride home. This continued for over a year. Finally, the library opened a computer lab; they took pity on me. They were so generous. Now I could go and spend 3 hours on my manuscript. I am not gifted in the area of technology and it has been, and still is a challenge. So forgive me if you notice some horrible mistake.

After formatting my manuscript for agents, which by the way is  another story, I was ready to query. I promised myself that if in one year I didn’t have an agent I would self publish. I don’t want to take anything away from the traditional process but it certainly got me thinking.  Agencies receive about 1-4,000 queries a week. Most end up in the slush pile. Years of work dismissed and you can’t resubmit. Now my brain was really turning. Each agency and agent is looking for “their” something special and that is great. Writers want to be read. I know that I want my work to be seen. Some may like it, some not and that is fine…but please someone read it. So when my year was up I started the adventure down the self publishing road and began swimming in digital waters.

to be continued….The real challenge


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