The Art of Being Polite


I am sure I am going to upset more than one person with this post. Oh well! This is about decorum in the industry where we are so eager to belong. Writers and authors(first the writer, then the author) work  more hours, more days and sometimes years to share their words. There are a rare few who actually make a living in this great and wacky world.

There are so many blogs that “review”, so many reviewers period. We love you we really do and we need those hard to get reviews to move forward in our hoped for careers. Could you please be polite enough to indicate on your blogs, or sites that at the present time your kindle is full, you are up to your ears…something.  At least we wouldn’t waste our time in hopes that you’ll answer. If you do receive a submission and you simply are overwhelmed, please be polite enough to email and say so. There is a lack of common courtesy and professional demeanor out there. And last but not least(sorry for the cliche`), if you are a reviewer, please use your spell check and capitalize your i’s on your sites. Why would anyone want a review from someone who lacks those basic abilities? Thank you, we do need you and you need us as well. Please be polite!


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