dark elf 1

dark elf 2

Elven male

fighting elf


4 thoughts on “Elves

  1. These are awesome pics.

    • aronjoice says:

      Hi Brandon,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the elves.The ladies will be up today. I get lost in fantasy art, and I am amazed at how much talent is out in the world. Since it is very early in the morning, I will continue reading your post on epic fantasy after coffee and in about 4 hours. Thanks for stopping by;I hope you return.

      • I like looking at fantasy art almost as much as reading fantasy. You’re absolutely right; there is a lot of talent out there, and I’m always amazed at how these artists can make things like elves seem so real, make the things I read about in novels almost tangible.

        • aronjoice says:

          I get sucked right into their worlds and sometimes I’d like to stay. You are a wee lad aren’t you, great age as the world is in front of you. I actually am able to read this weekend and I will be visiting your site.

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