November entry dates for Writers’ contest and Competition

Writers’ Contests( Don’t forget October contests –check post on sidebar)

5th Annual Fiction Contest

  • Our Annual Fiction Contest accepts submissions by mail and online from June 1st through November 15th each year. The judge of the Fifth Annual Fiction Contest is Michael Cunningham, author of the novels A Home at the End of the World, Flesh and Blood, The Hours, and Specimen Days.

    Grand Prize:

    • $1,500
    • Domestic airfare (up to $500) and French Quarter accommodations to attend the next Festival in New Orleans
    • VIP All-Access Festival pass for the next Festival ($500 value)
    • Public reading at a literary panel at the next Festival
    • Publication in Louisiana Literature

    Top Ten Finalists Prize

    • Top ten finalists will receive a panel pass ($75 value) to the next Festival.


    • This contest is open only to writers who have not yet published a book of fiction. Published books include self-published books with ISBN numbers. Those who have published books in other genres besides fiction remain eligible.
    • Only previously unpublished stories will be accepted.
    • Stories that won this contest in previous years are ineligible; their authors remain eligible but must submit new work.
    • Stories submitted to this contest in previous years that did not place are eligible.
    • Stories that have won and/or placed in any other writing contest are ineligible.
    • Stories by United States and international writers are accepted.


    • A submission is one original short story, written in English, up to 7,000 words.
    • The author’s name should not appear on the manuscript.
    • Please include a separate cover page with story title and word count as well as the author’s name, address, phone, and email.
    • Submissions must be typed; pages must be numbered and single-spaced.
    • Please use standard fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Georgia in 10, 11, or 12 point font size.
    • Simultaneous submissions accepted; please notify the Festival if your story is accepted elsewhere.
    • Unlimited entries per person are allowed. You must complete a separate entry payment and submission form for each entry.
    • Stories can be any theme or genre.
    • Do not include professional resumes or biographies with your entry. Entries are judged anonymously; the judges only consider manuscript quality.
    • Manuscripts will not be returned. Please do not send return envelopes with postage.


    • The deadline for online and mailed submissions is November 15th (postmark).
    • Winner will be announced by March 1st.

    Entry Fee:

    • $25 per entry. Unlimited entries per person.
    • Online submissions must be paid below.
    • Submission fees are non-refundable.

    To enter online: 
    Online submissions are preferred and must be in .doc, .rtf, or PDF formats. If you are using the latest version of Microsoft Word, please save your submission as .doc and not a .docx file before sending it to us. We accept entry fees via Discover, MasterCard, and Visa only.

    To enter by mail: Send your manuscript and check or money order for [fiction-entryfee] (made out to the: Tennessee Williams Literary Festival) to:
    Fiction Contest Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival
    938 Lafayette Street, Suite 514
    New Orleans, LA 70113

    Do not send submissions by certified mail or signature required delivery.

    Have a question about one of our writing contests? Please send questions

    The Edgar® Awards – Guidelines and Entry Forms

    2013 Edgar Allan Poe Awards Entry Forms (for works published in 2012) Please read submission informationfor complete information. Entry Procedure and Forms With the exception of the Robert L. Fish and Mary Higgins Clark awards, a work can be submitted to only one Edgar® committee. It is the responsibility of the publisher or producer to submit works to the appropriate committee. One copy of each eligible work must be sent to each member of the proper committee along with a copy of the submission form. In addition, only the submission form is sent to the MWA National Office. Contact the MWA National Headquarters for a list of the judges’ names and addresses: use our interactive response form . Do NOT include reviews or other promotional materials along with your entry. Do NOT contact the judges regarding this or any other submission (beyond sending the books). Contacting the judges directly might make this submission ineligible for consideration. Send the entry form (links to online forms below) to: MWA National Office 1140 Broadway, Suite 1507 New York NY 10001 A completed entry form is required for submission.

    All works submitted for consideration must meet the requirements for Active Status membership as described in the membership guidelines. While the author does not need to be a member of MWA, the work itself must make the author eligible for active status. In addition, all publishers submitting work must be on MWA’s approved publisher list or otherwise qualify to be added to that list.  If the publisher does qualify to be added to the list, they must contact the MWA national office to begin the vetting process.  All requests must be approved by the national board before the final submission deadline.  See the “Membership: Active Status” section for the details.

    You may:

    • Submit the form online
    • Mail it to the MWA National Office, 1140 Broadway, Suite 1507, New York NY 10001
    • Fax it to 212-888-8107

    Works should be submitted by the publisher, but may also be submitted by the author or agent. There is no entry fee, and no limit to the number of entries from a publisher or an individual author. Deadlines We suggest that work be submitted on the following schedule to assist the judging committee. Meeting these deadlines is not a requirement for eligibility; however, it will greatly aid the judging process. We prefer that books be submitted on a monthly basis so that the judges have enough time to read all the submissions.

    • For works published/released January 1 – March 31: Submit by March 30, 2012
    • For works published/released April 1 – June 30: Submit by June 29, 2012
    • For works published/released July 1 – September 30: Submit by September 28, 2012
    • For works published/released October 1-December 30: Submit by November 30, 2012
    • ONLY Books with a December publication date may be submitted in galleys.

    Please Note: No work will be accepted after November 30, 2012. (This does not apply to works available only in December, such as television shows. All books must be submitted by November 30, 2012) Nominations are usually announced in the middle of January (on or near Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday) of the following year and the winners are announced at the annual Edgar® Awards Banquet, which takes place in New York City in late April or early May each year.

    Albedo One
    Ireland’s Magazine of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror,
    is proud to announce
    the Seventh International Aeon Award short fiction contest:

    The Aeon Award 2012
    Grand Prize: €1000
    Second Prize: €200
    Third Prize: €100

    Plus guaranteed publication in Albedo One for the top three stories
    as chosen by our esteemed Grand Judges
    Ian Watson, Mike Resnick and Michael Carroll.

    The First Place winner will also have the option of publication
    in the Storywire section of the excellent

    Times & Dates

    The Aeon Award short fiction writing contest opens 1st January 2012, and runs for four rounds (or quarters) throughout the year. The submission deadline for the first round is March 31st, the second round June 30th, the third round September 30th and the final round November 30th. The final round is of two months duration, the rest of three months. Each round begins immediatelyafter the end of the previous round (i.e. this means you may submit at any time from 1st Jan to 30th Nov).

    At the end of each round, the best short story submissions entered in the writing competition will be chosen by a panel of interim judges, comprised of the editorial team of Albedo One and shortlisted for the Aeon Award short fiction contest. The short stories chosen for shortlisting in each round will be announced on the homepage of the Albedo One website ( shortly after the end of each round, as the writing competition proceeds. The shortlist and final results will also be printed in Albedo One magazine for all the world to see.

    At the end of the writing competition, shortly after Nov 30th 2012, the interim judges will choose the six highest-ranking stories from the competition shortlist. The top three winning stories will be chosen from these six stories by the Grand Judges. The decisions of the interim judging panel, and thereafter of the Grand Judges, are final. No correspondence can be entered into in this regard.

    Submission Format & Addresses

    Entries should be no more than 10,000 words (but there is no minimum word length) and must be typed, double spaced on one side of A4 (or U.S. equivalent) paper, and submitted by post to:

    Aeon Award
    8 Bachelor’s Walk
    Dublin 1
    Republic of Ireland

    Alternatively, entrants may submit their short stories by e-mail to Submissions must be pasted within the body of the email. Attachments can not be opened for security reasons. Submissions must also clearly have the words “Aeon Award Submission” in their subject lines to prevent mislabeling as spam.

    Receipt of email submissions will be acknowledged. If you have not received an acknowledgement three weeks after submitting by email, please send a query to this ( alternative email address (your entry may have become lost along the way). Receipt of postal submissions will also be acknowledged (if an email address is provided in the cover letter) but the timeframe for acknowledgement depends upon when we receive the entry by post.

    Multiple entries are allowed throughout the period of the competition. All short story submissions are judged anonymously by the interim and Grand Judges to ensure impartiality. You may submit any number of short stories, and have any number of short stories on the shortlist. Absolutely no prejudice is held against authors who have submitted more than one work of fiction, or with more than one shortlisted story.

    Entries are allowed from ALL nationalities. Indeed, the judges are keen to see work from as many countries as possible. However, entries must be in the English language.

    Story Rights & Conditions

    Entries to the Aeon Award short fiction contest must NOT have been previously published in ANY format in the English language (if in doubt about eligibility, please do feel free to query us). Entries found to have been previously published in English will be disqualified from the competition. Short stories previously published in languages other than English are eligible to enter the competition. This is in line with our goal of promoting writers and writing in the speculative fiction genres from as many regions of the world as possible.

    Short stories submitted to the Aeon Award writing contest in each round must NOT be submitted or published elsewhere in any format until the stories that have been chosen for the shortlist are announced on the Albedo One website after the end of each round. If your story has not been chosen for the shortlist after the round in which it was entered, you are then free to submit elsewhere.

    Short stories that are chosen for the shortlist after each round must NOT be submitted or published elsewhere until the top six stories from the shortlist have been chosen and announced on the Albedo One website (normally in December of each year). Shortlisted stories found to have been submitted or published elsewhere before the announcement of the top six shortlisted stories will be disqualified from consideration in the competition.

    Once the top six stories are announced, all other stories on the shortlist may be submitted or published elsewhere (i.e.absolutely all rights revert to the authors). Of the top six shortlisted stories, Albedo One retains the right, for a limited time, to publish these stories. Authors of these stories will be informed of whether their story will be published in Albedo One within amaximum of two months from the announcement of the top six shortlisted stories.

    Of the top three stories (which are guaranteed publication in Albedo One), these must NOT be published elsewhere until after their publication in Albedo One (i.e. rights revert to the authors upon publication – for those concerned, Albedo One and the Aeon Award short fiction contest never, ever, claim permanent rights to your stories).

    Payment Details & Options

    All stories entered in the Aeon Award short fiction contest must be accompanied by a modest entry fee of €7.50 (euro).

    Payment may be made securely and easily via the PayPal button above. Note, you do NOT need a PayPal account to use this option. PayPal accepts payment from all major credit and debit cards and is internationally recognised as a fast, easy and secure way to make online payments (see

    You may use PayPal to pay for entries submitted by post or email. For entries paid by PayPal, please provide either your unique Transaction Id code (which will look something like 98B96318D4186023G) OR your unique Receipt Number (which will look something like 2494-4301-2019-0796) with your cover letter (be it for postal or email submissions). These numbers are provided to you by PayPal as you complete the payment process and allow us to verify that you have indeed paid the entry fee (which we have kept as low as is feasible, to ensure that the Aeon Award writing competition is accessible to as many people as possible).

    Alternatively, for further alternative payment options (e.g. cheque, bank draft) please contact

    The €7.50 entry fee may also be paid in cash enclosed in the envelope with your short story submission.

    Please be aware that we will check to see that the entry fee has been paid by one of the above means prior to reading your submission. The Aeon Award short fiction contest is intended to be open to as many people as possible, so if you have any queries or difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact and we will do our best to accomodate you.

    We understand that entry rules to fiction contests or writing competitions can be intimidating and complex, so please do feel free to contact us at But before doing so, you may find an answer to your questions at the Aeon Award writing competition FAQ.

The Right to Write(reviews, posts, interviews,books, indies)

Every morning I grab a cup of coffee and sit down to check in with the writing community. It is extensive and I have chosen places that have become home for me. Whether you write fiction, fantasy,paranormal, romance, adventure or non-fiction, there is a place somewhere on the internet with like minds.

As of late there has been considerable criticism regarding many areas of the writing world. Today I will focus on reviews. If you have followed me, you know how strongly I feel about the handling of writers with not so kid gloves by some reviewers. I am not talking about honest critiques where everyone benefits. Believe it or not writers like feedback, it helps us grow and spreads our wings another inch or two. What I am referring to is the lack of preparation,  and the attention by the reviewer when it comes time to show their stuff. You can’t please all the people , anyone remember that line? At times I have read reviews where I find myself wondering if the reviewer even read the book or just skimmed through it. Why bother? Even if the book is not their genre, the reviewer should be savvy enough to know if the writing has any merit,  good plot, yada yada yada. Most writers aren’t looking just for the 5 star review, can you imagine? Yes, we’d all like them, helps with sales and people go whoooo! On the other hand a solid 4 or even a 3 star review with constructive criticism, a small clap of the hands where we have excelled, and a I am glad that I read it, not only lifts us up but makes us want to tell a better story, and keep our readers happy. After all we are sharing part of our souls, is it too much to ask that you actually pay attention?

I think part of the problem is there are too many bloggers wrapped up in wanting their sites to appear to be  the great book review site. When the time comes for the job to review they are overloaded, overwhelmed, or not interested if the particular submission isn’t the genre they love. How do we overcome this partiality? I haven’t  a clue.  However, I would like to say to all of the reviewers out there who take time from their busy schedules, sit down and actually read a work and judge it fairly– a very big thank you!

Writers’ Contests and Competitions

I know how difficult it is to earn a living from writing. I thought I would share monthly contests and competitions that offer cash prizes and publication. I will continue to post throughout the year. Have fun!

Georgetown Review Contest

Deadline: October 15

Entry Fee: $10, $5 each additional entry

Prizes: $1,000 and publication

Details: Any theme or subject; all genres. (In some years, a theme is required)

Contact: Georgetown Review Contest, 400 East College St, Box 227, Georgetown, KY 40324


Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize

Deadline: October 1

Entry Fee: $20

Prizes: $5,000 and publication

Details: Prose: to 25 pages

Contact:Missouri Review Editors’ Prize, 357 McReynolds Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia. MO 65211



Zoetrope All-Story Short Fiction Contest

Deadline:October 1

Entry Fee:$15

Prizes: $1,000, $500, $250; winner and seven finalists will be considered for representation by top literary agencies

Details:Literary Fiction to 5,000 words

Contact: Zoetrope: All-Story, Attn: Short Fiction Contest, 916 Kearny St., San Francisco, Ca. 94133



I am not receiving any form of compensation from these contests. I encourage you to check the websites for any changes in deadlines or policy.

New Review Site

Whenever I come across something that is of value to an author or reader I like to share it. Fortunately I discovered offers product reviews submitted by the community on books, music, gadgets, electronics and the like. David has put considerable thought into a well-rounded site. For instance, I searched for Snow White and the Huntsman and was pleasantly surprised to find a page not only related to the current movie, but filled with other books, music etc. regarding to Snow White.

I am thrilled with my review page and its diversity. Not only do I have my current work posted, but a fresh blurb, reviews, head shot and links to my FB, blog and twitter pages. This isn’t just a URL, but actual shots of each. See for yourself.

Calling all authors, do yourself a favor visit this site and I’m sure you will want to participate. To this page