The Right to Write(reviews, posts, interviews,books, indies)

Every morning I grab a cup of coffee and sit down to check in with the writing community. It is extensive and I have chosen places that have become home for me. Whether you write fiction, fantasy,paranormal, romance, adventure or non-fiction, there is a place somewhere on the internet with like minds.

As of late there has been considerable criticism regarding many areas of the writing world. Today I will focus on reviews. If you have followed me, you know how strongly I feel about the handling of writers with not so kid gloves by some reviewers. I am not talking about honest critiques where everyone benefits. Believe it or not writers like feedback, it helps us grow and spreads our wings another inch or two. What I am referring to is the lack of preparation,  and the attention by the reviewer when it comes time to show their stuff. You can’t please all the people , anyone remember that line? At times I have read reviews where I find myself wondering if the reviewer even read the book or just skimmed through it. Why bother? Even if the book is not their genre, the reviewer should be savvy enough to know if the writing has any merit,  good plot, yada yada yada. Most writers aren’t looking just for the 5 star review, can you imagine? Yes, we’d all like them, helps with sales and people go whoooo! On the other hand a solid 4 or even a 3 star review with constructive criticism, a small clap of the hands where we have excelled, and a I am glad that I read it, not only lifts us up but makes us want to tell a better story, and keep our readers happy. After all we are sharing part of our souls, is it too much to ask that you actually pay attention?

I think part of the problem is there are too many bloggers wrapped up in wanting their sites to appear to be  the great book review site. When the time comes for the job to review they are overloaded, overwhelmed, or not interested if the particular submission isn’t the genre they love. How do we overcome this partiality? I haven’t  a clue.  However, I would like to say to all of the reviewers out there who take time from their busy schedules, sit down and actually read a work and judge it fairly– a very big thank you!

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