Book Fairs or Writers’ Conferences?

Which is better for an Indie Author?

I have been thinking about attending and participating in book fairs and writers’ conferences/conventions.  For the most part it seems most book fairs are geared towards traditionally published authors, and/or authors that are from the hosting state. The welcome mat isn’t exactly rolled out for Indies. I started to do a little research and  discovered there are some Indie fairs out there in this big old world.  The glitch is that it appears attendance numbers aren’t that great and the costs may not justify attending. Now if the numbers were high and an author could network I think the money spent would be well worth it. 

Conferences and conventions can empty your pocketbook (at least it could mine) and the additional expenses such as airfare, food etc.  could equal a nice little vacation. So what’s a newbie to do?  

I would like to open a forum on these two topics. If you as an author  or anyone you know has had current experiences with either of these venues, the feedback would be welcomed. In the meantime, I am going to dig deeper and post any stats or information related to each subject.

Please feel free to reply, and maybe together we can open up some new doors.  It would be nice to keep this going. Although I am a fantasy writer, all genres are encouraged to share.


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