Will You Follow me? Really?

Blogs and Following

I am very new to blogging; I’m sure you great bloggers out there are aware of my unusual style LOL. I love going to a well-organized blog and everything seems to be in just the right place. Sometimes I see tweets saying, “If you follow me, I’ll follow you.”  I thought the purpose was to follow blogs that really held a particular interest for the reader. I’m addicted to a few that have been generous in idea sharing for writers, the art of social networking; of course reviewers etc., etc., etc.

I guess I am curious as to what makes an individual follow a particular blog? Are we obligated to follow back if followed and what is blogging etiquette, if any? I would love any comments or feedback on your following experiences.

Do we follow out of courtesy, gain, or simply because we happen to love a particular blog?


2 thoughts on “Will You Follow me? Really?

  1. Hi Aron, I would say you follow if you have a particular interest in what the blogger is posting. Otherwise, you could end up following so many you never get any work done. I try as you, know to give something back to my fellow writers, by doing reviews. However, I do like the people I review, to request a review on the blog and leave a comment, when it is posted. Sometimes they also like my facebook page, so that is a bonus. If people leave me a reply to any of my posts, I always reply to them as they have taken the time out of their busy day to do so. Not sure what others do but that’s what I do. Interesting post, well done.

    • aronjoice says:

      Hi Athena,
      Thank you so much for your comment and input. I agree you can travel around the Universe and get completely lost in blogs. That is great when someone takes the time to go over to FB, it is a win, win! For anyone reading this please visit Athena’s Blog, a lady with a gentle heart and a great deal of wisdom. You will not leave her page without being touched.

      See you on our travels,Happy New Year!


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