Welcome Numinous Publications

Numinous Publications by Hypervorean

Hailing all High Fantasy lovers! I would like to tell you a bit about this new book blog that is entirely dedicated to the High Fantasy genre. Numinous Publications is run by Hypervorean, an avid reader and reviewer of High Fantasy as well as an aspiring writer.

About Numinous Publications

The first review was posted on the blog on December 1st 2012, so it is still a very new blog that is looking to gain a foothold within the scene and struggling to get the attention of those who might share its vision. Numinous Publications wishes nothing more than to promote the genre as best as possible.

Numinous Publications review books from both indie and traditionally published authors in an effort to become familiar with a wider range of the genre. So far Numinous Publications has made agreements to review books from smaller publishers such as The Bedwyr Press, Center One Publishing, Kristell Ink and lately also Jo Fletcher Books.

Numinous Publications is always interested in guest posts from authors and bloggers of the genre.

The United Fantasy Bloggers’ Assembly

Numinous Publications is a founding member of the UFBA.

The UFBA is an exclusive group that may be joined only upon invitation. Its purpose, as you might have already guessed, is to bring some of the fantasy bloggers out there together in a co-operative network. Our goal is to raise the awareness of fantasy literature as well as promote our own blogs. We are all passionate about the genre and wish nothing better than to see it blossom.

We have set a membership limit of 10 bloggers as we want rather a closely connected co-operating team than a big time-consuming organisation. We are currently only 5 members in the group, which also means that we are actively searching for new members. Make yourselves known to us, fantasy bloggers!

About Hypervorean

Hypervorean is of course not a real name. Hypervorean’s real name is Eli Adelholm. She is nineteen years old and hails from the Kingdom of Denmark. She has been reading and writing in English since she was about 12. Furthermore she is a proud blackmetaller, and she fights with real swords in a Historical European Martial Arts club.

One of the main reasons that Eli is so fond of the High Fantasy genre is her love for the medieval period (and the periods that came before). Her philosophy is not very far from that which ruled during the age of her Viking forefathers. Like them she holds the sword in high esteem and honors some of the same values that were also prevailing at that time. She carries the hammer of Thor around her neck not because that she believes in the old northern gods (or any gods for that matter) but as a sign of her respect for the people of that time.

Eli is currently working on her debut novel The Book of the False King which is to be the first book in a series entitled A Story Too Old. Beside this she is also currently writing a variety of short stories that she hopes to get published soon. You should look out for titles such as Under the Purple Arch and The Undiscoverable.

Find her!

Blog: http://hypervorean.blogspot.dk/hypervorean small

Twitter: @Hypervorean

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/7578442-hypervorean

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Numinous-Publications/433416986731375

Please visit Numinous; I encourage you to view Eli’s writings.  She has a fantastical mind.  Aron Joice


2 thoughts on “Welcome Numinous Publications

  1. robertshmigelsky says:

    Nice blog; good luck with the novel. Have my fingers crossed myself;p

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