Cover Reveal

Salvation_No_Kissing_Required_Book_Layout_1_22_2013 (1)I am pleased to share with you the cover of the upcoming release….

Salvation No Kissing Required

Release date:  Spring 2013   Published by Featherweight Press

Book Description:  

Entry into heaven is no mean feat, as hopeful entrant Dan Pierce is finding out. He needs to prove he’s qualified, and unfortunately he can’t. So when given the opportunity to demonstrate he’s worthy, it’s a no brainer.

It seems that Satan is roaming Earth, he’s rallying his faithful, and enlisting young recruits to spread misery and destruction.

God’s army of angels desperately need reinforcements. So in return for enlisting in the fight against dark forces, Dan has the chance of being rewarded with his salvation.

Volunteering isn’t without its challenges, devil slaying and falling in love being just two.

Twitter  @RowellChristina

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