Making It Through

My freshman year in the writing world

It has been a little over a year since I ventured forth into the publishing world. I have always written, but this was my first attempt at fantasy, and a trilogy. Like many, I thought I just needed to write. Ha on me! The journey has been stressful, fulfilling, adventurous and educational. This what I have learned.

Write every day whether you are sad, happy, or just don’t give a damn. Something will come from it, and sometimes it is a pleasant surprise. I really knew so little about all the attachments that come with this craft. I am disciplined. Coming from a Catholic, military family, I had little choice. What I hated as a child I am thankful for as an adult. I have been fortunate to make online friends in my field, share in their experiences and learn from them. I’ve been given free tutorials on things I didn’t know existed and applied them to my writing(s). I have felt kindness and love, developed relationships with some who I believe will be in my life forever. I have cried for those who lost a loved one, or gone through a personal trial, and survived. I have been given the gift of laughter until my sides hurt.

My fellow writers may be somewhat reclusive, however they all bring something to the table and are quick to pass the plate. How grateful I am to be where I am today. I don’t write for money as there is little to none. I write to share my heart.  I salute all the writers out there in every country who have the courage to pursue their dream, and the tenacity never to give up.

Yes, there are trolls out there too. Those nasty, spiteful creatures who have nothing better to do with their lives than cause pain. How sad, I could almost pity them, but I don’t. There are publishing companies that are ready to take advantage of newbies and clean out their wallets. Shame on you! There are professionals(?) that make one question if they understand the meaning of the word.

Life is one hell of a ride and writing is no different. My first year has been full of lessons some good and some heart breaking. All in all I can’t wait for year two. I’d like to thank anyone who has ever liked a page, commented, given me a review(good or bad) followed me on the social networks, helping me realize dreams do come true.