Lost and Found

The world is full of surprises

This post is going to be a bit different from my normal writings. Have you ever lost something never realizing really how important it was to you? I did, and it was  many years ago. I find it difficult to believe so much time has flown by and somehow I still feel at times I’m in the same place.

New York City is my home, or at least it was many moons ago. As a young woman, I lived, and loved, and thrived in “The Big Apple.” I was and still am passionate about NYC. Due to a personal situation I left the town that I was addicted to. Like all young people I had my group of friends. We were all involved in the music industry in one form or another and we lived, oh how we lived. But I digress. My departure left everything and everyone that I knew and loved, I left out of emotional survival. Life goes on and so did I, as well as all my lost friends. More times than not I daydreamed where they were, what had  happened in their lives and were they OK? I wanted to go home, but I couldn’t(That would take up too many pages and is too personal).

I felt like I had been banished to live my life in Siberia. A couple of days ago I received an email from one of those old friends. Something very bad had happened in my life some years back, and out of that a sheer miracle. We were once again connected. I cried from joy, I cried that a friend I thought I had lost forever was there. I was thrilled to share in the news of his life and that of his families. I am so proud to call him “friend.” He told me things that I never realized about me when I was younger, and reminded me of the precious gift of friendship. My death sentence was given a reprieve, and life holds so much in the thought that the friends I thought were lost and gone forever are there. I always had loved them, but I never knew how important they were until they were lost. I have been blessed to have found them again, I’ll never let them go.

This is dedicated to Danny and his lovely wife and daughter, to Richie F., and Monty and all the young dudes. I love you!

The Power of Words

When I was a girl my mother always told me to be careful what I said. “Think before the words leave your mouth, you can never take them back.” Recently I recalled that quote. I was cut to the quick by extremely hateful words. There was no foundation for them other than one person’s anger. I still feel the pain, and they will remain etched in my memory.

We write words, say words, and sing words. They can uplift, crush, soothe, encourage; they are powerful. As a writer, words are my tools to communicate with my readers. In everyday life I need to choose them carefully. I  am responsible not to verbally vomit anything that comes to mind. It isn’t always an easy task to find the right words, some will blossom, while others fall to the ground. They can become weapons. Words are one of the most understated gifts. Think of everything you say in one hours time, reflect on it. You will be amazed by what we take for granted.

Choose your words carefully, once said, once published, they can’t be taken back.