Union The Lost Children of Managrail Book Three

The last book in the trilogy “The Lost Children of Managrail” will be live for the holidays. Here is a snippet. Have a beautiful day.


Gravin was grateful Dirth lay so close. His undeniable strength allowed him to half carry his broken friend back to his sister and soon to be brother-in-law. Despite his efforts Medack weighted him down, grabbing Medack by the shoulders his long fingers pierced into his flesh. The hold was so great for a moment Medack’s feet lifted from the ground. “You can do no good for anyone the state you are in. Raina would be sorely disappointed to see the man she loved and leant on has crumbled like stale bread.”

The mere sound of Raina’s name grabbed his attention. His voice was barely audible when he spoke. “You see I hear her, I know it is she, but she doesn’t answer. She and Lila are trying to find their way home. They are here, but yet they are not. Am I mad Gravin? If so, I’ll caste myself to the sea. I can’t live without her, and to hear the beauty of her voice and never have her again….”

“Listen to me. We still have great challenges to face, and I feel this is all connected. Please, I, no, we need your help. Right yourself if you can, we will find a way I promise.”