Gift Giving Time

My friend Dick Waters will be offering a collection of his works for free, as a thank you. Dick is a great guy, and I’m sure you will enjoy his writings.

Thank you for all of your support this year.
I am making all four novels in the Scott Tucker series FREE on Amazon January  1 and January 4.
Branded for Murder dates are slightly different – starts December 31 and ends January 3rd.
Here are the links to the eBooks:
Branded for Murder
Serial Separation
Scent  of Gardenia
Fragrance of Revenge

In addition – “2013 Flash Fiction Anthology” will also be free (1/1 – 1/4). This is the book with most of my winning short story entries and about twenty others.

2014 Brings Change

Starting January 2014 there will be some changes to my blog There will be set days for guest posts, and I will do an author page to highlight fellow writers and their projects, plus a weekly update on the publishing world. If you are an author and would like to participate please feel free to message me on FB Since I am a writer of Fantasy I would like to highlight that genre, but all genres are welcome. Times are changing, it is becoming more exciting by the day, and it is time to step it up.

We all have our headshots and promo pictures out in the cyber world. For something a little different add some personal photos, lets get our readers to know us on a different level. Remember only jpegs that you feel are safe should be considered. We still like a bit of privacy. You may send monthly updates for your page(pg13 please) to keep your fans in the loop. Any questions please message me at FB.

Eventually I will have a referral page for editors, illustrators, designers etc. This will be a handy reference for any writer.

Thanks once again for your support.

Book Release— Union The Lost Children of Managrail

First, I’d like to thank everyone,and anyone who has read “The Rising ” and ” Vanished” from The Lost Children of Managrail series. Your support means everything to me. I had hoped to have “Union”  Book 3 released for the Holidays, but that isn’t to be. 
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You Might Just Have To Paint The Wall

I absolutely love this mindset. There is no retreat. Great post.

The Better Man Project ™

Last night before I went out I had a bit of a…quarter life crisis. It sounds ridiculous…and parts of it were, but nonetheless the crisis ensued and I began to rattle off some pretty serious questions.

“Am I really supposed to be doing what I am doing?”

“Am I even supposed to be here in LA?”

“What is the purpose of all of this?”

There were more I promise you, about 20+ of them…and if we are gauging by quarter life crisis statistics and common behavioral characteristics of your mid twenties youngin struggling with some big questions…it comes out to be a fair number. But it really all came down to one thing: doubt. And there’s been a lot of that around lately. Trying to start my own business. My health and fitness. Housing. The Better Man Project. There’s just been a lot of “what ifs” lately and it hasn’t…

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