Calling Authors and Artists

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and I am looking forward to all the changes 2014 will bring. Well maybe not all, but most. Starting this month my blog will having a bit of a face lift. When I started this blog two years ago, I knew nothing about blogging. It seems I am still finding my way. I believe in helping my fellow authors and artists. So what will be new in 2014?

First, I am offering an author’s page( note page not post). This will be a spot where the author can highlight their work(s), provide links, updates and appearances, and anything new in their world. I will do my best to have a select number of genres for easier location. However, an alphabetized list will be available for search. The author may send me updates once a month to add to their page. THIS IS FREE, NO CHARGE. I think it will be a way for everyone to gain more exposure, new readers, and it will also help me build my blog. 

I will ask that you write a short guest post (1,ooo words). That post will show your page on the sidebar.

For artist and illustrators, I’d like to create a page for you as well with some of your work. Of course I would like a link back from your page. In time this may grow into a nice network connection.

Second, I will be posting more industry news.  Day by day, the changes are amazing me. It is a new world and time for writers, and publishing. I will try my best to provide data that I think will serve our community. If you are interested please email me at aron@aronjoicedotcom  and in the subject line: Author’s Perspective. I am looking forward to old friends participating and I am anxious to meet new authors and artists. 

This is a family friendly blog, please no Erotica.


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