I am re-posting this from PW Children’s Bookshelf. Since the tides are changing, it is important to support all avenues for Indie authors.

‘Half Nelsons’: A Pitch for Indie Support


On January 5, Mrs. Nelson’s Toy & Book Shop in La Verne, Calif., closed its doors for the last time, but the Nelson name lives on in a Facebook proposal from Patrick Carman, author of the Pulse trilogy among others, for a “truce” with Amazon. While acknowledging the appeal of Amazon’s pricing and speedy door-to-door delivery system, he asks people to split their purchases into a “Half Nelsons” by buying only half their books from Amazon and the other half from their local independent or an independent on

“There is nothing like getting a hot drink and stepping into Book and Game, my local bookstore, where I know the owner and the manager and I can browse for something new,” wrote Carman in support of bricks-and-mortar indies. “It’s an important part of our town that helps make Walla Walla feel like home.”

Carman’s campaign hasn’t sparked a movement yet. But it has drawn the attention of, for one, author and editor David Levithan, who reposted it on his Facebook page.


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