Help Feedback Please!

Well I have probably lost what is left of my mind. I’m thinking about buying a property and holding small writers’ workshops four times a year.

What I need from my author and writer friends is a little feedback.  So pretty please if you can comment you will help me immensely.

  • What environment would suit you? Four seasons by a lake with yoga classes, hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities available on downtime? lake photo
  • Beachfront with yoga classes, and water activities.beach scene 1
  • How many hours would you want to invest in the workshop in your genre? Would a guest author entice you to attend, or no talking  heads?
  • Would you want talking heads, or maybe just an editor, graphic designer and help with self-publishing?
  • What do you think is reasonable (sorry) for a 3-4 day retreat with lodging and meals.? What season would you personally prefer?

Thank you for commenting and letting me know what would make a successful writers’ workshop/retreat.

8 thoughts on “Help Feedback Please!

  1. For me ‘b’ would be the setting. I’d love to sit in circles and talk writing with other indies and actually get to meet some of the friends I’ve made. BUT I know I’d likely never have enough money to attend. I really don’t have any idea about costs, though. Sounds like a lovely idea, just the same.

    • aronjoice says:

      Hey Yvonne, I’m thinking on how to keep it reasonable, and fun. Obviously travel costs are a consideration, but since lodging and meals would be included in the price it is feasible. It would be a nice way to convene in person.

  2. Wow! Jump out of the snow and into the lake…without the ice of course. That is an interesting set of questions. One thing that comes to mind is while we are enjoying all of that knowledge, our other life partners, or such, need to feel involved. I’m one for active sports so the summer would seem much better than anything cold or frozen. All of the activities you mentioned would be fine. I would suggest morning things for the mind, and afternoon things for leisure. Evening things for all to play some thought provoking games, or even a mystery scenario. If people are going away on vacation you can’t get any room for much under a $100. Add food and then entertainment and you are at least another 150-200. So, I would say for a three-day event $1495 sounds like it would be something to evaluate. A guest author sounds like it might add to much cost. Think about what the value is that the attendee will take away, and match that to the cost of the days to get it. I’m not sure what would appeal to many different folks, but thanks for asking. I hope this helps for a first pass. Best regards, Dick

    • aronjoice says:

      Ahh! I didn’t take into consideration a significant other. Yes, there would have to be things to do while the workshops were in progress. I think a morning(breakfast before) and afternoon workshop(cocktail hour after) would be good. Some downtime for activities, solo, or offered. A casual evening get together perhaps around a bonfire. My mind is on relax, enjoy, learn, and make new friends, or at least acquaintances. One more question: Would you travel to the Caribbean, or prefer to stay stateside?

  3. dvberkom says:

    My vote would be winter in the Caribbean 🙂 but it would be lovely anywhere with beautiful surroundings. Definitely would like outdoorsy stuff to do, along with some morning yoga. Just getting together with fellow writers and like Yvonne said, meeting online friends would be spectacular.

    • aronjoice says:

      It really would be doable. It is also a tax deduction for attending authors. If someone wanted to stay a few extra days after the workshop it could be arranged. Airfares aren’t bad, and a good travel agent could pull together package rates even if everyone is coming from different areas. Possibly a free retreat for someone who would be heading a workshop. We all know changes are happening in a New York minute. The one on one, meeting online friends, and creating memories that last a lifetime.

      Since I’m moving anyway and rentals are ridiculous with the market as it is, it makes good sense to find the right venue and proceed. My ideas are endless, but everyone’s feedback is critical for the overall picture. I kind of like the Caribbean too.

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