Indie Authors-Where We Stand Today

I give credit to Amanda Hocking for being the spark that ignited the indie movement. Some of you may disagree, which is fine. If anyone has read her blog you know her beginning was simply work, luck, some business smarts, and not afraid to take a risk. In a manner of speaking she opened the door for the rest of us, and we have followed.

Along the way many changes happened in traditional publishing and the indie movement. Some have been good, and some well… you know the answer to that one. Amazon is growing in leaps and bounds, spreading its fingers and dipping them into many pots. Indies and self-published authors have gained respect. However, the astigmatism that we aren’t equal to traditionally published authors still remains upfront and personal in the eyes of many. We have gained a foothold and it is up to the serious to continue to deliver their best works possible. No one is sure where it will all end. I, for one, will keep trying to gain the respect of my readers and entertaining the idea of success.

And just what is success? To some it is fame, the big bucks, and to others it is the recognition that they have arrived by means of publication in any format. I am saddened when I see so much time being wasted on the finger-pointing scale. In any business there is upheaval and at times a step back to see where one can make things better. Writing is no different. After all it is a business and the writer is the brand, the end product. 2014 is likely to bring about changes that no one saw coming, and we’ll roll with the punches(sorry for the cliché). It is time to just sit down and continue to write and not worry about free books, the $.99 deal, the giveaways and the gimmicks. Yes, we need marketing tools at our disposal, but it is time we came up with a plan that brings us to the next level.

Three years ago there were 4 million writers in the USA alone looking for a publishing deal. I’m sure that number has probably doubled by now. Don’t go looking for the next big thing, no one knows what it is anyway until it smacks you in the face. Think Harry Potter, and Twilight. There was absolute no way of predicting either of these success stories. Write what you love, love what you write and I really believe success will follow. My mother used to tell me,” You can do anything , or be anything in this world that you want, I just can’t tell you how long it will take.”


4 thoughts on “Indie Authors-Where We Stand Today

  1. aronjoice says:

    Good Morning Yvonne. You are welcome and thank you for stopping by. Inch by inch, we’ll get there.

  2. dvberkom says:

    Great post, Aron! I’ve been extricating myself from the promo machine and freeing up more time to write but, as nature abhors a vacuum, other things have slid in to take its place (*cough* remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms, anyone?) Anyhow, I’ve noticed I’m MUCH happier when I don’t spend so much time online (actually danced around the kitchen this morning. I can’t tell you the last time I did that 🙂 )

  3. aronjoice says:

    Thank you DV. We are writers first are we not? I think too much is being thrown at us and it is distracting. Ahhh, maybe it’s a conspiracy theory! I believe the more we have to offer readers, the better our chances at growing an audience( the 100 reader program). Pssst…I love remodeling. So dance and have fun!

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