Judging a Book by Its Name: 10 Common Trends in Fantasy Titles

Thoughts on Fantasy

Title Trends and Fonts (Orbit 2009) Chart showing most frequent fantasy book titles and fonts in 2009, Orbit Books, http://www.orbitbooks.net/2010/08/19/the-chart-of-fantasy-art-part-4-title-trends/

People often talk about how difficult cover designs are to get right, and the role they play in selling books. Titles – the things plastered all over those covers – are a less frequent topic of discussion.

Given how responsive we are to images and colours, covers probably are more important. Still, if you’re online, or talking to other book lovers, sometimes the title is the only thing you see or hear.

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4 thoughts on “Judging a Book by Its Name: 10 Common Trends in Fantasy Titles

  1. Excellent overview. Now all I need to figure out is whether following the trend sells more books or choosing something less ‘usual’ will.

    • aronjoice says:

      I think following trends can be detrimental. By the time we indies get around to doing all we have to do just to get a book out there, the trend may (or may not be gone). Personally I have a title before I have the story, strange but true. I do believe we have guidelines that trigger recognition, and it is the combination of everything put together that draws one into the web. That aspect works beautifully for you; I love your titles and covers, they have a nice harmony. I’ve tried to stop asking myself what will and what won’t work for sales. We are very private people forced to expose ourselves.

  2. aronjoice says:

    Definitely, but our gut instincts have been with us since the day of ancestors. We continually evolve within our own worlds and those we must live in.

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