A few minutes ago as I enjoyed my morning coffee, I heard a news piece that I found astonishing. The Zon wants permission from the FAA to fly drones. I spit my brew across the counter, not a nice sight, and attempted not to miss a word being broadcast.

It seems Amazon wants drones to fly packages (not to exceed 5 pounds in weight) and drop them on the customer’s doorstep. Now I’m not the brightest bulb on the planet, nor am I the dimmest, but this left me with little question marks floating around my head. Oh, and yes the Zon promised they wouldn’t be used to collect information…hmm?

As a writer I am grateful for the doors that Amazon has opened for me, and the possibilities of  enhancing my exposure. I am all for free enterprise, marketing, the right to choose, but I wonder how much is enough for Amazon? Everyday another bit of news is popping up involving Amazon and it gets wilder and wilder.

I’m happy with UPS and heck, USPS is fine for me too. What comes after the drones?


2 thoughts on “Amazon/Drones…What?

  1. There is some question around how regular air traffic will be affected and whether this will cause safety issues for other aircraft.

    • aronjoice says:

      There is definitely a safety issue that comes along with this proposal. Can you imagine coming home just as a drone starts coming in for a drop? It would make me a little nervous, or do you receive a text, “Drone is on its way, anticipate a drop around such and such hour.”

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