Books Are Here To Stay

We have entered into 2015 and I’ve been reflecting on all the changes in publishing over the past three years. It certainly has been a roller coaster ride. There is no doubt the digital age is here to stay, eBooks spewing forth daily and new technology around the corner.

There has been so much discussion regarding the disappearance of print books that I believe people really think they will fall by the wayside. I think we will always have print and I’m glad of it. Like many others I love to hold and feel the paper, drag it to bed with me, it is more personal. We can have both, no doubt.

One thing that I have done and continue to do is share my print books with friends and family. We exchange books, return or pass them on to someone else. I have been exposed to authors who I may have never read and added them to my library. I go to library sales, just love them, and embrace purchasing books and contributing to the coffers of an establishment I hope never goes away.

If you are like me in that thought, maybe try creating your own book exchange if you already haven’t…Christmas all over again.

2 thoughts on “Books Are Here To Stay

  1. I think print is here to stay, as well. I sell far more print books than e-books. And there are certain types of books that are much nicer in paper, such as cookbooks and books with illustrations or photographs in them.

  2. aronjoice says:

    Definitely, I can’t feel the same way about Ansel Adams in digital as I do in print. It loses so much. I recently found early print editions from one of my favorite authors, it was finding treasure, something that would have less affect digitally.

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