Journey’s End

I have always said, “The day we take our first breath, we are on our journey to the end.” I think I have lived my life to the fullest and hope I will leave my mark behind. I have been fortunate to have made some very good friends throughout my life, and others I can do without. All in all, I am lucky to have had many wonderful experiences. This is not to say some nightmares have visited as well.

My passion for animals has never wavered and I know that I have made a difference. That passion is my legacy.

Five months ago I was diagnosed with lung and liver cancer, one malignant; the other benign. This week I will begin a new journey in healing, or at least I can pray that will come to fruition. I want to thank all those who have visited my humble blog, thank my friends and supporters and wish you all well.

I have decided to put a hold on any further posts until I can focus once again, if at all.

From my heart,thank you again.

Aron Joice