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MAY 2012  release…


This young persons’ fantasy is a tale about a brother and sister’s perilous journey far from the safety of the golden city of Managrail. If you delight in folk from other realms, ancient beasts, and a very wicked sorceress, you will find it here. When Managrail fades from the light and becomes a city of darkness, Prince Simian must use all the skills the deceased King taught him to survive.

Simian’s twin Lila is determined to have her way at all costs, but the price will be the very lives of those they hold dear. Romance and adventure surround them whilst they are unaware of the roles they will soon play to save the lands.
From the golden city to the shores of Dirth, an epic journey begins as they enter the frozen tundra of the White Realm to encounter the sorceress Shantra. A war is about to begin, and all the magic tribes are summoned for the last battle. Brother against brother, father against son, the sprites will open the portals that have held them safe for one hundred years.
The power of magic, and talismans that keep their own secret will save and destroy, leaving you to wonder if man has any chance at all. While Simian questions his love for his sister, Lila dreams of power promised by the sorceress if she delivers to Shantra what was once hers.

Wonderful casts of characters meet and join the two on their adventure fighting side by side in an attempt to save their world and becoming slaves to an evil no one can imagine

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