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Today my guest author is Melissa Bowersock.  I wonder if she ever sleeps. Her book trailers alone will keep you busy. Her promo page is loaded with her works, and social media sires. Please visit, you won’t be disappointed.

ex-mjb2-24-13 The Dynamism of Writing

There are a lot of things that writing is not. It’s not mechanical (or shouldn’t be; knowing the mechanics is just not enough). It’s not often governable because inspiration is not governable. It’s not a simple modular process. (Subject + verb + object = quality sentence.) It’s fluid, dynamic, protean, mutable, nebulous, and highly subjective.

I am guessing that some non-writers think it’s a simple process of jotting down all the right words in the right order, checking spelling and voila! Instant book. Not so. It’s not like there’s an absolute amount of the right words, or an absolute right order. It’s more like herding cats.

I often equate writing to building a brick wall. I write linearly, from start to finish, and as I’m writing the first few paragraphs, the first few pages, I feel as if I am laying down a foundation for a wall. Each word is a brick, carefully chosen and carefully laid in. If I don’t have the exact brick/word that I want, I stop building the wall. It’s not unheard of for me to stop writing for minutes, hours, days, waiting for the perfect word that I want to manifest in my brain. I know some writers will go ahead and put in a close substitute in order to continue writing, then go back and edit later. I don’t do that. Just imagine building that wall and say I’ve got three or five or ten courses of bricks built up. Then I go back and find there’s a brick on the bottom row that doesn’t fit right or is the wrong color. Pulling that brick out and trying to fit another one in could weaken the entire wall and would likely look like what it was—a second-thought repair. I would much rather build the wall as best as I possibly can from the start, and edit as I go. I hate to rewrite, so I do as little of that as possible.

I remember one time I was working with an editor on a book he was publishing for me and we got into a discussion of this very thing. When I told him how I worked, he said, “My God, I thought that was a myth! I have always heard of writers who work like that, but I didn’t really think they existed!” Yup, they do. At least I do. And it works for me.

So now I’m happily writing away, steering the story where I want it to go and suddenly, what the heck? That fluid dynamism raises its head again and I realize my story has been co-opted. This is often difficult for non-writers to understand, but it’s not uncommon for a story to take on a life of its own and suddenly veer off in a different direction. Going back to our wall, it’s as if I’ve laid one course of bricks just ever so slightly off center from the last course. This new layer is now 1/8″ off to one side. Without noticing the difference, I keep building, and before I know it, the whole wall is leaning. When I realize that the wall is not going where I want it to go, I then have to demolish however many layers until I get back down to the solid and straight foundation, then start building again.

But how does that happen? I’ve been asked, “You’re writing the book. How can it go a different way than the way you want it to go?” I honestly don’t know. I just know that it does. Obviously I don’t have the entire book scripted in my head; it does not exist in some fully-formed way. It evolves as I write. New ideas present themselves; new aspects to characters reveal themselves. I’ve got options for new directions, little side trips. And sometimes I’ll pick a direction and it just evolves in a way I hadn’t intended or foreseen. The good news is that this taking on a life of its own is when I know the book is truly alive, that it’s not just me mechanically putting words on a piece of paper. It’s viable, it’s growing; it’s real. The bad news is it can transform into something that I’m not expecting.

I began writing my last book, Stone’s Ghost, about a ghost that came over from England with the London Bridge when it was transported to Lake Havasu, Arizona. When I first conceived of the idea for the story, I had in mind that it would be a comedy, the ghost experiencing a light and fluffy culture shock between 18th century England and modern Arizona. Several chapters in, I realized that not only was it not going to be a comedy, it had a distinctly dark side to it. Surprised the heck out of me. And even though it’s not the story I had planned to write, it turned out great and I love it. This is one time when that leaning wall became more beautiful than the straight up-and-down plan.

Okay, so I’ve built my wall, I’ve told my story and it’s done, ready to publish. Hold on, not so fast. How do you know when it’s done? In proof-reading my stories, whether it’s my own early copy or a final galley proof, I’ve found that doneness still evades definition. I might read a paragraph that was perfectly satisfying to me when I wrote it, but now suddenly it lacks something or it feels clunky and contrived. I rewrite it, sharpen it up, cut it down. Two days later I re-read the same paragraph and decide that the way I had it to begin with worked better, so I change it back. What I’ve realized is that any story, any book, is what it is only on any given day. Any other day, depending on my mood or frame of mind, it might need to be something completely different. I could look at a book every day for a year and probably have 365 different opinions about it. Even when I re-read my already published books, I can still see places that—at that moment in time—I would change slightly. So pronouncing a book finished is a very elusive process; it can change day by day and it’s never an absolute. Only by chipping away the less than perfect parts, grinding it down by finer and finer edits until I’m finally down to moving commas do I get to the point of completion. Today.

Tomorrow all bets are off.

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Interview with Athena Brady

Today I would like to spotlight Athena Brady, a remarkable woman who I am pleased to call friend. If you, as a part of the human race feel compassion for your fellow-man, are struggling with “why” issues, and want to make a difference, visit Athena’s blog. I am sure you will be touched.

Interview with Athena Brady

Hope, Love, Compassion, books, and family. These are some of your tags on your blog. Of course there are more, but these are the ones that struck me the most. Is this your message to your readers?

It is that we are all connected and I am there for them.

 What is the single most important thing you wish to convey to your visitors?

A sense of being welcome and that there are people who care out there about others.

 I know your passion for books began at a young age. Tell me how reading changed or touched your life. Do you think it is important that every child get an early start with literature?

My life as a child was not always happy and books offered me a kind of escapism from the sometimes harsh reality of life. In books I could travel, go on adventures and slip into a different world. Reading gave me so much pleasure and opened up my world so much. I have written from a young age and always wanted to be a writer. I want to give others what books gave me. I wanted to inspire and uplift people and give them hope and I still do. I think one of the greatest gifts you can give a child is the ability to read. The younger children learn to read the better really. Children are like sponges with a huge capacity to learn we should fill them up with good things.

 If I may quote you, “To be an author is to have a great responsibility to your readers, and team mates; your fellow authors. We have the power to change the world, to influence, to inspire, to give the gift of hope.” In your opinion, what should an author never do?

An author should never judge their readers; we can play with judgment in our books. We should not patronize our readers or forget that they put us were we are in the first place.

 You believe in visualization. Please tell us about your spiritual armor.

I have so many visualizations this is a difficult one. Imagine you are living the life you want to live. Every day close your eyes and give gratitude for all you have, no matter what there is always something to be grateful for. I imagine a great white light coming from my heart and radiating to all living things in the universe. If I feel stressed or unsettled this actually clears it for me. Live in the present moment it is the only place you truly exist do not hold on to painful past experiences but let them go and send them light.

 I’d like to congratulate you on your great reviews for “Thoughts on Life.”  What would you like your readers to take away from this experience?

Thank you Aron, that’s kind of you and it, was so nice that my readers took the time to write the reviews. I wrote this small book as a quick read to inspire and make people think. After a reader asked me to put them into a book she could keep with her. I hoped it would give them a yardstick to measure life events with.

 I love what you are doing on Saturdays, generously sharing blogs that motivate and touch. As a writer, I know how time-consuming playing in cyberspace can be. Would you like to share how you’ve come to find such inspiring bloggers? Do you think this can catch on? I saw where you are encouraging others to try the same approach; I think it is wonderful. Do you want to explain (better than I) what this concept is and how others can participate?

 I am glad you are enjoying the weekly “Giving Something Back” posts I find them all over the place really, some on “Freshly Pressed” at WordPress others by typing a word into a search engine. Sometimes someone recommends a blog to me and I check it out. I am amazed at all the talent out there. I do think that if a few people were to do this, it would spiral. It is just what it says really giving something back to our fellow writers, musicians, photographers etc. It is like “playing it forward” why; because it is nice to support and encourage each other. People could make their blogs monthly, if they don’t have much time, whatever fits in with them really. I hope people do start to do this as it will make a difference to those people featured. It is a way we can honor our fellow artists for all their hard work.

askdavid page link

Athena’s current works:

“Thoughts on Life” was prompted by a reader who asked me to put my blog posts into a book; that she could access whenever she wanted. It is what it says, my thoughts on life, in general. It is primarily a book of hope that concentrates on healing. The book is selling very well but people can download posts here for free if they don’t mind trawling through the website. I don’t want money to be a barrier to these posts.  However, if you can afford it please buy the book as I have to eat now and again. You can find this book here.

“Broken” is my first novel it is gritty and raw and hard-hitting. As it explores the subject of child abuse in form of a true story told anonymously. Here is a brief synopsis.


This is Susan’s true story told anonymously, of her journey from despair to healing. Susan begins to experience a feeling, that leads to childhood memories of sexual abuse in middle age. Memories she has no recollection of, that begin to haunt her in the present. She embarks on a journey of discovery, which challenges everything she thought about her life previously. There are times she thinks her dark night of the soul will destroy her and all her closest relationships. Once she has opened Pandora’s Box, it cannot be closed until she has come full circle. This book is a gripping, tense and sad narrative that you will not be able to put down, until you have finished it. A must read for those who dare to explore the grey and darker areas of life.

On a final note please visit Athena and find out more about “Bloggers for Peace 2013”

Link to Athena’s  synopsis of her forthcoming third novel “Prisoner of Love”

Visit Athena’s Counseling Corner

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Welcome Numinous Publications

Numinous Publications by Hypervorean

Hailing all High Fantasy lovers! I would like to tell you a bit about this new book blog that is entirely dedicated to the High Fantasy genre. Numinous Publications is run by Hypervorean, an avid reader and reviewer of High Fantasy as well as an aspiring writer.

About Numinous Publications

The first review was posted on the blog on December 1st 2012, so it is still a very new blog that is looking to gain a foothold within the scene and struggling to get the attention of those who might share its vision. Numinous Publications wishes nothing more than to promote the genre as best as possible.

Numinous Publications review books from both indie and traditionally published authors in an effort to become familiar with a wider range of the genre. So far Numinous Publications has made agreements to review books from smaller publishers such as The Bedwyr Press, Center One Publishing, Kristell Ink and lately also Jo Fletcher Books.

Numinous Publications is always interested in guest posts from authors and bloggers of the genre.

The United Fantasy Bloggers’ Assembly

Numinous Publications is a founding member of the UFBA.

The UFBA is an exclusive group that may be joined only upon invitation. Its purpose, as you might have already guessed, is to bring some of the fantasy bloggers out there together in a co-operative network. Our goal is to raise the awareness of fantasy literature as well as promote our own blogs. We are all passionate about the genre and wish nothing better than to see it blossom.

We have set a membership limit of 10 bloggers as we want rather a closely connected co-operating team than a big time-consuming organisation. We are currently only 5 members in the group, which also means that we are actively searching for new members. Make yourselves known to us, fantasy bloggers!

About Hypervorean

Hypervorean is of course not a real name. Hypervorean’s real name is Eli Adelholm. She is nineteen years old and hails from the Kingdom of Denmark. She has been reading and writing in English since she was about 12. Furthermore she is a proud blackmetaller, and she fights with real swords in a Historical European Martial Arts club.

One of the main reasons that Eli is so fond of the High Fantasy genre is her love for the medieval period (and the periods that came before). Her philosophy is not very far from that which ruled during the age of her Viking forefathers. Like them she holds the sword in high esteem and honors some of the same values that were also prevailing at that time. She carries the hammer of Thor around her neck not because that she believes in the old northern gods (or any gods for that matter) but as a sign of her respect for the people of that time.

Eli is currently working on her debut novel The Book of the False King which is to be the first book in a series entitled A Story Too Old. Beside this she is also currently writing a variety of short stories that she hopes to get published soon. You should look out for titles such as Under the Purple Arch and The Undiscoverable.

Find her!

Blog: small

Twitter: @Hypervorean



Please visit Numinous; I encourage you to view Eli’s writings.  She has a fantastical mind.  Aron Joice