2014 Brings Change

Starting January 2014 there will be some changes to my blog There will be set days for guest posts, and I will do an author page to highlight fellow writers and their projects, plus a weekly update on the publishing world. If you are an author and would like to participate please feel free to message me on FB http://www.facebook.com/Aronjoiceyafantasy. Since I am a writer of Fantasy I would like to highlight that genre, but all genres are welcome. Times are changing, it is becoming more exciting by the day, and it is time to step it up.

We all have our headshots and promo pictures out in the cyber world. For something a little different add some personal photos, lets get our readers to know us on a different level. Remember only jpegs that you feel are safe should be considered. We still like a bit of privacy. You may send monthly updates for your page(pg13 please) to keep your fans in the loop. Any questions please message me at FB.

Eventually I will have a referral page for editors, illustrators, designers etc. This will be a handy reference for any writer.

Thanks once again for your support.

Listen! Announcing Ken La Salle’s AudioBook

I have been privileged to meet some fine authors along my journey and Ken La Salle is one of them. He has walked through fire and come out the other side. Below you will find a link to my original interview with Ken, do yourself a favor and read about an outstanding human being.


Today I would like to announce Ken’s release of “Daughter of a One-Armed Man” on AudioBooks. I just love the title. Following is a snippet from the book.

Jackson is just a Wal-Mart worker from Los Angeles, far too caught up in the apathy of modern life to believe in anything. After spending one night with the daughter of a wood nymph and the man who surrendered his arm for the woman he loved, the lithesome beauty named Mari, Jackson knows he believes. And he knows he’ll do anything to find her again.

He follows her up the coast of California and a polar bear drives the taxi. Into the forest and through frozen mountains, he talks to God and creatures of faerie alike but the final confrontation is with the mother whose people have been wiped out by mankind. They were wiped out the same way humanity is wiping itself out, with greed and disregard.

Daughter is more than just a simple love story because it also poses this question for the reader: Is love really possible? Can human beings really love each other? How is it possible for parents who pollute the world they’re leaving behind to say they love their children? How can we say we look out for each other, even as we divert our eyes to the homeless we see every day? For, if love isn’t possible, how can Jackson really say he loves Mari? Faced with proof after proof that it doesn’t exist, Jackson’s only hope is to somehow prove otherwise.

The audiobook version, read by the author, is lush with impossible discoveries and words of hope for the future, beautifully scored with the Josh Woodward song, Don’t Close Your Eyes. (www.joshwoodward.com)

You can find Daughter of a One-Armed Man on Amazon, Smashwords, and wherever ebooks are sold. The audiobook is available on Audible, iTunes, and all audiobook etailers.

You can find Daughter of a One-Armed Man on Audible and wherever fine audiobooks are sold online.


Here are two trailers for Daughter of a One-Armed Man:



Follow Ken’s writing career at www.kenlasalle.com

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Interview with Lily Saki

I hope that everyone who visits my blog today will take a minute and read this interview. Lily Saki is now 13 years old. She published her first book at the age of 12. This is a young lady with a remarkable future.

Welcome to my blog Lily, it is a pleasure to have you here today. You wrote “Alien Attack” and were published by Tate Publishing LLC when you were 12 years old. That is very impressive, how did you feel when your book went live?

 It felt like I had hit a milestone in life. I had finally become who I wanted to be, an author.

Your family is very supportive in your venture. How do you think that support impacted your life?

Well, knowing that I had my family behind my back, helped me know that I could go anywhere in life.

You have already had a book signing and “Alien Attack” is now in schools. Do your peers treat you any differently?

They don’t treat me that differently in school. I think that’s because I don’t really show to them that I have changed in any way. I’m the same Lily they know except that now i’m an author.

As a young lady what advice would you give to your peers about diving into the writing and publishing field?

First you should do some research and find out what you’re getting yourself into before you make a huge mistake…and…you need to LOVE writing!

Where did you draw your inspiration for your second novel “Strive?”

Well my mom was a nursing assistant for disabled people in wheelchairs. When my mom would come home from work she would tell me about all the people she cared for. I got inspired by what she told me and I started to wonder what It was like to be those people and how they lived their lives. Those question led me to begin to form Strive.

Would you give us a synopsis?

Strive is about a 14 year old year girl whose life is all about running. During the biggest race of her life, she gets hit by a truck. Her life changed dramatically from walking as a normal person to living in a wheelchair. Her life gets better when a scientist finds a new way for her to walk again, but she still goes through the struggle of walking again.

Do you have a third project in the works? Can you give us a peek about the story line?

Well I have many ideas for my third published book. I was thinking of writing a fictional biography or just fantasy fiction.

You are intelligent and appear to have strong political views. I usually don’t discuss religion, or politics on my blog, however, you are the future, what would you like to tell the leaders of our country?

I would like to tell the leaders of our country that we should focus on kids and not so much about adults. They should take away all those restrictions on kids and let us explore more. I never knew that I could publish a book at a young age until just recently. The world makes us kids seem so useless.

If you had the power to change one thing in the world, what would it be?

I would like to change the restrictions on kids and to make a kid never say “I wish I could do that, but only adults can so I can’t.”

What are your dreams and aspirations?

My dream is to become an author that inspires people. I want to inspire people to who they want to be.

I’d like to thank you for stopping by, and congratulate your parents for raising a splendid young lady.

Visit Lily at  http://lilyawsome20.wix.com/lilysakistrive