Are you? Is anyone in the world without some form of prejudice, if so I’d love to meet them.

I find it disturbing that we have come so far technologically, but somehow we still behave in a Barbarian manner. Hatred, racism, pure ignorance, and lack for our fellow human beings seems to be the norm. Compassion left the building only to be replaced by more greed; it makes the world go round and round.

I believe there are still good and honest people with the determination to counter the above. Will earth still be intact by the time everyone has it figured out?  Will we fall the way of the Dinosaur?

What is accomplished from hating someone for their differences, nothing…the worst part of this is the cycle. It has to be broken, but no one will give. The human race is so arrogant in its own belief that we are as good as it gets. That is pitiful. As I look around me I see my fellow-man with self put blinders that obscure any unpleasantness, or the extreme, those who glutton in the carnage.

Why I chose to write this post is even a mystery to me. I just feel sad for the world and what we have done and become. Please, this is not addressed to the entire population just those who don’t give a damn. I doubt they will be reading this anyway. The healing must come from each and every one of us.

Oh, one more thing…I wonder if any Congressman or woman has ever tried to feed their family on a couple of hundred dollars a month. Americans want to work for a fair wage, not a handout.

What if?

A writer’s dilemma….

About ten days ago I went to my eye Doctor for a routine exam. I procrastinate doing many things, and this was one of them. I was confident all the various tests and machines were necessary. A young vivacious woman entered the exam room and announced herself as my new Doctor. She moved at the speed of light and was rather snappy when I didn’t answer quickly. I am polite and patient to a point, she had already passed it.

When I queried her, I was told I had a cataract in my right eye, but it wasn’t ready for surgery. That suited me fine as long as I could see and continue to write. Now came the one-two punch. There was something growing in my left eye and I needed to see a surgeon in another city one hour from my home. Now I became concerned, I am a writer. 

Dr. Snappy insisted that this was the only man for the job. I asked, “Am I going blind?’

“You just need to see him,” she said.

“Well won’t a Doctor here do ?”

“If  it was my eye, “she said, ” he’d be the man I’d want.”

“I see.”

Once home I contemplated what it would be like, as a writer, if  I couldn’t see. I maybe honing my skills, however I never want to release this passion. I remained calm, and began to think if I became sighted how I would accomplish this feat. Ah! There is dragon, I can speak my manuscript. I have a wonderful editor and I’m sure she would accomplish that end of the challenge. Could I learn braille? I also love to read and there  are audio books. The question was how could I do my searches, see all the wonderful things the net has to offer, and what about art? I love art: the colors, the strokes , and the soul baring of the artist. How would I accomplish diving into those depths?

Every day we take so much for granted, our sight, movement, the ability to stand and run, to hear. This has been a wake up call that I must enjoy and savor each moment as it is the last. We all should.  In the end everything will work out, I believe this with all my heart. My passion is to write, to tell a story and I will find my way no matter what happens. 

What if something happened to you? Ask yourself how and what you would do to continue doing whatever makes you feel alive. Take the time to appreciate your gifts, and if you know someone less fortunate, find a way to help brighten their day.  A person wheelchair bound may like to take to trails they can’t handle alone, a sighted person could possible want just to smell the sweet fragrance of flowers. Appreciate, care and love. We only have today, tomorrow isn’t promised, and yesterday is gone.