Book Release— Union The Lost Children of Managrail

First, I’d like to thank everyone,and anyone who has read “The Rising ” and ” Vanished” from The Lost Children of Managrail series. Your support means everything to me. I had hoped to have “Union”  Book 3 released for the Holidays, but that isn’t to be. 
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5 Star Review

I am very happy to have just received my first 5 star review…

The-Rising the book designer awards

5.0 out of 5 stars This writer is on a par with J.K Rowling January 23, 2013

Format:Kindle Edition
The Rising (The Lost Children of Managrail)
As the book opens, a wilful and headstrong Lila drags her twin brother Simian, into yet another of her adventures. The young Prince and Princess of Managrail have lived a cosseted and protected lifestyle; and are not prepared for life outside Managrail. They get lost and the Queen, when they do not return; sends her champion Bramon to find them. The twins spend a fretful night in the forest stalked by the Fergay. Who hunt at night in packs and devour any living thing in sight.
The Fergay communicate telepathically to each other and are skilled and vicious opponents from which, few escape. The twins meet Cayda and Medack, who have lost all their family and friends and become allies to save Managrail from attack from the Fergay. Just when the four friends think their lives can start again, Lila is kidnapped. A dark spirit has attached itself to Lila and Shantra a dark force is planning to use her to get the thing she desires most. Which are the sacred magical stones of Managrail. Shantra needs them, to escape the White Realm where she has been banished to many years ago.
Simian must join force with Arilya the Queen of Lapis and all the other magical tribes, to defeat the evil sorceress Shantra. He must be prepared for the fight of his life and to kill his own beloved sister Lila, if necessary. I found this author’s imagination captured me and lifted me effortlessly into another world. I could see this book as a fantasy film for children and adults alike and it was a pleasure to review it. Aron Joice, I believe, has the a skilful imagination, on a par with writers such as Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland) J.K Rowling (Harry Potter)

Magic–now for the ladies


oriental sorceress

purple sorceress

into the future

lion sorceress

The captions are my own for identification. At the end of the series the artist names will be posted for proper credit.

There will be two more pages of art in the next few days along with a contest to choose my favorites. The winner(s) will be in a random drawing for my YA fantasy The Rising-The Lost Children of Managrail.

Watch for the Elves!