Authors Promote Yourselves

And Now for Something Completely Different

Like many Indie authors I find I spend more hours than I have social networking. On a daily basis I try to brainstorm and figure the best way to have my work reach new readers. It is difficult, although I’m sure for many writers this task is easy, but not for me. The fact that I am so technically challenged has a lot to do with my lack of motivation. I am a high energy person and don’t give up easily. When I face a technical glitch my circuits overload and my nerves become frayed.

I receive Publishers Weekly and I suggest that if you are a writer and don’t subscribe, please do so. You can glean out information that will propel you forward. The other day upon receiving my issue I found two wonderful articles. You will find the links below. I was so inspired and excited I wanted to share. Writers are forming their own small book tours visiting libraries and schools, holding panel discussions and promoting their work. These two articles are related to YA authors, but any genre of writers can form their own small group and use what these ingenious artists did.

My first step will be to make a flyer and post it at my favorite library and at the same time book one of the available meeting rooms. I will call out to my fellow writers and hope that we may join together and tour our city and schools, maybe even set up readings. Of course we will have our books with us, maybe bookmarks with our websites and email addresses and forms to be given should anyone like a presentation at a specific event.

I don’t know about you, but how better to interface with new readers  and support your fellow writers. Besides, I think it could be fun! So if you are wondering what the next step could be to building your platform think about this idea, you have nothing to lose.

The Death of LikeUB

LikeUb closing down due to pressure

Translated from French

Hello to you all,

We, the founders of LikeUb, partners, employees and investors have the regret to announce the end of LikeUb. We finally closed on this day of December 27.
He lived, met tens of thousands of users made about him, led the praise and criticism for 10 months. 10 months during which we had a pleasure to serve you, to help you and relieve you of a difficult task which is building your popularity on the web.

A Web supposed to be an area of ​​freedom, becoming increasingly controlled penalized. As if the adventure ends here and now for us is indeed within the scope of the law. Law offices of Facebook have been in contact with us. They demanded the immediate and unconditional closing of LikeUb under penalty of prosecution, as well as a lifetime ban use Facebook personally.
This is not the first time the social network trying to block us and we knew in the past around unilateral sanctions. But this is the last time. LikeUb died. Death is not an end. This is the beginning of something else. We took the time to get together, organize ourselves and express ourselves.

We had an invaluable opportunity to work for you and with you and enjoy your advice. Your unfailing loyalty and trust you have placed in our project touches us deeply.

Thank you.

Thank you very much for all those hours you spent on LikeUb. Thank you for this adventure rich in experiences that we started and ended with you. For you, dear members of this extraordinary community.

And this is not done, we guarantee it. LikeUb is possibly extinct. But not our creativity, our ideas and our desire to contribute to the web. We will return very soon, we the same founders, partners, employees and investors, with a new project. Something much bigger. More efficient and independent.

Be patient dear members.

Thank you.

Your team LikeUb