Help Feedback Please!

Well I have probably lost what is left of my mind. I’m thinking about buying a property and holding small writers’ workshops four times a year.

What I need from my author and writer friends is a little feedback.  So pretty please if you can comment you will help me immensely.

  • What environment would suit you? Four seasons by a lake with yoga classes, hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities available on downtime? lake photo
  • Beachfront with yoga classes, and water activities.beach scene 1
  • How many hours would you want to invest in the workshop in your genre? Would a guest author entice you to attend, or no talking  heads?
  • Would you want talking heads, or maybe just an editor, graphic designer and help with self-publishing?
  • What do you think is reasonable (sorry) for a 3-4 day retreat with lodging and meals.? What season would you personally prefer?

Thank you for commenting and letting me know what would make a successful writers’ workshop/retreat.